Don’t you want to always feel safe, secure, and protected in your home?  This all starts with having a strong, stable, and solid foundation. Foundation Repair USA provided superior quality foundation repair services to the residents in the DFW metroplex region for over a decade now. 

No other company has the knowledge and extensive experience to address all of your foundation repairs needs as our family-owned company does.  The team of foundation repair professionals, our Certified Foundation Inspector, and our Certified Geologist are all licensed, bonded, and insured for your safety and protection. 

We are devoted to adhering to strong safety protocols and use only state-of-the-art equipment.  Have you heard of Pro-Lift technology? We’ve got it!  We know the soil here in the North Texas area and the foundation problems that homeowners here often encounter. 

Our work is guaranteed 100% and a free estimate and free inspection are provided to you.  When in doubt, give us a call! Contact us today at 817-760-7772 and be sure that your foundation is in top condition!

What foundation repair methods do you use?

Great question!  Never hire a do-it-yourselfer or an unskilled laborer! Why trust your valuable investment with someone that doesn’t have extensive experience? The following are some of the foundation repair methods that we are proud to provide to you:

Slab foundation repair

Concrete slab foundations offer you many benefits; however, they must be kept in the best of shape!  The clay-based shifting Texas soil will frequently cause your concrete slab foundation to crack. 

We are experts in concrete slab foundation repair and will examine and analyze your home’s foundation and your residential grounds to determine the best, safest means to correct these issues.

Pier and beam foundation repair

This type of foundation is quite different from concrete slab foundations.  We normally see this type of foundation in older homes that are in established neighborhoods. 

These types of foundations are very complex and have an understructure with a crawlspace and many times have elevated areas on the bottom floor. 

Only highly-experienced foundation repair companies, as we are here at Foundation Repair USA, have the intensive training and vast experience to repair pier and beam foundations correctly.

Combo piers foundation repair

Are there areas on your ground floor that vary in elevation?  If so, you most likely have a combo piers foundation.  Homes that combine both a concrete slab foundation and a pier and beam foundation are prone to variable foundation problems. 

Our Certified Foundation Inspector will inspect, analyze, and determine the needed foundation repairs and implement a game-plan quickly.

Steel Pier foundation repair

This type of foundation construction is designed to carry a heavy load, as in large, estate homes or houses that are in inclined areas.  Steel piers go deeply into the ground so that the weight of your home is resting upon bedrock. 

Foundation Repair USA does an intensive analysis of your outdoor area in order to determine the steps necessary to correct steel pier foundation problems.

Additional foundation repair services and methods

Standing water on your outdoor grounds that is near your foundation endangers the foundation of your home, as it will weaken your foundation over time. 

In this case, drainage repairs are needed in order to guard the structural integrity of your home. Concrete is more than just your home’s concrete slab foundation! 

Cracks in your driveway, sidewalk, and hairline cracks in your foundation can lead to accidents and become much worse if they’re not corrected quickly. Concrete leveling is a specialty of ours! 

Few foundation repair companies are as highly-skilled as we are and have the knowledge to correctly perform concrete leveling. What about your walls?  Hydrostatic pressure will cause your walls to bow, lean, and tilt.  Our extensive technological expertise will take care of these problems for you!

Don’t worry and wonder, get A Free inspection on your foundation!

In order to correct a foundation problem efficiently and correctly, you must get to the root cause! Don’t take chances when it comes to your home’s foundation! 

We are BBB Accredited, on The Good Contractors List, HomeAdvisor Screen Approved, and a member of the Texas Association of Builders. 

Call us today at Foundation Repair USA and schedule a free, precise consultation on your foundation. With Foundation Repair USA, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

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