Your home is a very valuable investment! It is of utmost importance to keep your foundation in pristine condition, as a strong, solid, and stable foundation will ensure that you always feel safe and secure in your home. For nearly 30 years now, Foundation Repair USA has provided superior quality pier and beam foundation repair services to the residents here in Fort Worth, Texas, and throughout the entire DFW metroplex region. Foundation Repair USA knows Texas soil! Due to the soil movement in our North Texas area, homeowners here are frequently confronted with pier and beam foundation problems. Our family-owned, locally-based company is devoted to providing you with the finest quality pier and beam foundation repair service quickly, efficiently, and with flawless accuracy and precision. Your safety and the safety of your residence are your priority with Foundation Repair USA! Call us today at (817) 760-7772 and schedule your free consultation with our pier and beam foundation repair expert!

Concrete Piers

Do your floors seem uneven or like they are sloping? If so, you need pier and beam foundation repair! Our foundation repair experts here at Foundation Repair USA install pressed concrete piers to ensure that your home is level. Homes built before the late ’50s often have wood support beams underneath the floors. If the wood is rotting or has disintegrated, the wood support beams must be replaced to restore your crawl space area. The best way to stop pier and beam foundation problems is to call Foundation Repair USA at (817) 760-7772 and have our Certified Foundation Repair Inspector evaluate the condition of your pier and beam foundation.

Steel Pier Foundation Repair

Steel piers are exceptionally strong and are not subject to disintegration from moisture, as the wood beam is. Another advantage of steel piers is that we drive them deep into the ground, preventing your home from shifting in our clay-based soil. Because our foundation repair experts have extensive experience in steel pier foundation repair, we can drive them up to 75′ deep into the ground, ensuring that your home has tremendous support and stabilization from these strong steel piers. The strength of steel piers cannot be topped! For a free consultation and inspection of your pier and beam foundation, call Foundation Repair USA today at (817) 760-7772!